How It Works

Your subscriptions renews every four weeks.
If you cancel your subscription it will not renew after your four weeks are up.

88. We've designed the syndicate size so that winning the jackpot is still a life changing experience, but this allows us to buy as many tickets as possible. You get more than 80 entries a month on the lowest tier and the upper tier packages are even better value.

The official odds are published by the lotteries on their websites.

However, by playing in a syndicate we increase your odds substantially, by buying multiple entries for a low subscription. There are 480 lottery entries every four weeks if you subscribe to the top tier Subscription.

We accept players from everywhere except the US.
You can particularly buy tickets across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa & Canada.
You must be over the age of 18 or over the age of being able to play the lottery in your home country.

Yes we do, unlike some other lotto companies.
It is important to us that we support the Official lotteries and their underlying causes.

What If I Win

Yes. For all winnings above £100 we will contact you by email and phone.
Otherwise you can see your winnings by logging in.

No. There is no time limit. We will notify you immediately of the win.
If for any reason you can’t collect. We will keep it safe, as long as you need us to.

No. The winnings are cut into 88 portions and shared by each winner. We send you your winnings as long as they are above £3 with no admin charges or commission. Any empty spaces in a syndicate are owned by us.

What If I Cancel

No. You keep them and any winnings for those syndicates will be shared with you.

We will transfer all of your winnings to your bank account, taking no commission or service charge. For winnings less than £3 the cost and time of administration of transferring it is too high. We leave that in your account for a year in case you want to play again. At the end of the year, we take any uncollected winnings and donate them to charity. At the time of writing the charity chosen is Unicef.

Yes. As soon as you cancel we immediately switch off your renewal – so you will not be billed again.
You will remain a member until it is time to renew (4 weeks) and you are still eligible for your share if the winnings until your subscription ends.

You can cancel here.
Or simply contact us and we will do it for you.

Unfortunately not. You have to be in it, to win it. Once you leave your syndicate – you are no longer entitled to their winnings.

Payment Issues

We know that some credit cards may add a surcharge to the transaction because of their internal policy on playing the lottery. This unfortunately is outside of our control and is a decision that is made by your card issuer. We recommend using a debit card or changing to accredit card which does charge for this. Contacting your card issuer will help you determine what their charges are.

The mains reasons for decline of payment are as follows:

  1. Your name or address has an apostrophe such O’Conner.
    At the moment we cannot accept irregular characters in our payment system.
    Remove the offending character and our system will accept your payment.
  2. You have insufficient funds in your account.
    Please check the funds in your bank account and ensure that you have enough to cover the payment. Alternatively, try a different card.
  3. It shows Invalid Card or Payment Declined
    This happens from time to time, when your bank does not authorise the payment.
    We recommend that you either contact your bank or try a different card.

Contact information


Phone: +44 (0) 207 1833109

Head Office
Cloud Canyon Ltd
24 Holborn Viaduct,
United Kingdom.

Trading Address
58 Boileau road,
W5 3aj,
United Kingdom.

We aim to respond to all enquiries the same day during business hours, but please allow up to 48 hours. Our business hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 17:00 GMT
  • Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED
  • Bank Holidays: CLOSED


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